How does structured content impact the way you create and maintain your digital customer journey?


“Structured content” is information or content that is organised in a predictable way and is usually classified with metadata.

Why you should focus on creating structured content and not building web pages in the age of headless and omnichannel.

Context: Omnichannel and headless

In the early 2000s, only a few digital channels were available for distribution of content-the browser on laptop and desktop computers, and the PDA are two classical examples. During this era, most digital content focused on websites only, with no separation between content and presentation-they were regarded as one.

A community can be a fast and reliable way of getting industry insights and connecting with relevant people.

Why join a digital leader community?

In a community for digital leaders you will meet like-minded people, potentially from all over…

See what you can expect of tomorrow’s web as the HTML standard slowly evolves.

Drag and drop

Sounds too simple to be kicking off a list about top-flight CMS features, right? Well, drag and drop functionality is not to be underestimated, as you’re certain to miss it if it isn’t there.

Handle content production better-the essentials of ContentOps in one place.

Essential background

With the advent of smartphones, wearables, and IoT, the digital experience industry has focused its efforts on delivery-on making content available in any channel and form with responsive design, APIs, and headless CMS.

What do the web development terms front-end and back-end mean?

The essential difference

In purely etymological terms, “front-end” denotes what you experience up front, while “back-end” denotes whatever is going on behind the scenes. As simple as that. More specifically to our context, “front-end” refers to the user interface in the web browser, while “back-end” refers to the actions on the server.

What is front-end?

Let’s start with…

These are the common pitfalls you should avoid on digital projects.

1. Underestimating content production

This is the number one sin of most digital projects-especially those concerning the implementation of a new CMS or digital experience platform. There are indeed tons of tasks…

How to leverage business value with new digital trends and technologies.

1. Get an orientation

First you need to orient yourself in the shifting landscape of digital and business. You might know what digital transformation entails, but your stakeholders can be in the dark…

Keep up with the future trends and developments in the world of PWA for 2020.

Chromium still going strong

The free and open-source web browser Chromium from Google is one…

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